Specialty Roasters

Whatever the type of aroma you would like to reach, Petroncini roasters are able to ensure maximum performance of your green coffee, even for small batches.
TT5/10 (5/10 kg/cycle)
TT15/20 (15/20 kg/cycle)
BRICIOLA (0,2/1,5 kg/cycle)
TT5|10 AND TT15|20 SPECIALTY ROASTERS MODELS have a classical and traditional construction. A compact and stylish design makes them particularly suitable for high quality handcrafted productions and gourmet market. For all purposes, they can be considered a gem in terms of technology, strength of materials, design and creativity in determining the aroma. All the properties and characteristics that are commonly associated with greater capacity roasters can also be found in these gems of Petroncini‘s production.
These models are particularly suitable also for high technology lab and R&D centre.
BRICIOLA, is the roaster model that shines for its design and the minimal amount of space. With a capacity up to 1,5 kg per batch, Briciola is ideal for roasting coffee directly into your shop, creating a unique sensorial experience: while your customers are waiting for their coffee, they will smell the sweet aroma of roasting and, at the same time, will be captured by the beauty and the characteristic of this machine.
The models Briciola, TT5/10 and TT15/20 are available in various colors and also in fully electrical version.